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Prince of Rock
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19th-Sep-2011 01:26 pm - OOC: Back from Hiatus
Hi everyone! I'm back from hiatus >.< It was longer than I thought it would be...

But, Kajimoto and Davide are back finally and I'm up for logging with either of the two anytime :) Though, I may be slightly slow since I'm relearning how to do homework since I haven't had to do it in two years...
12th-Aug-2011 07:43 pm - Hiatus (Yukimura)
[yamapi] shhaa
This is a message written on Ren's (Yukimura's) behalf.
Her internet is currently broken, and she can't access it at the moment. We don't know when she'll get it back, either.
She might be able to reply logs in the middle of next week, but it's not for sure.
8th-Aug-2011 02:05 pm - OOC: Hiatus
Eyes Shut
Haven't had net at home since wednesday so hiatus is needed. I'll be making trips to the library as much as I can and see how that works out... I also might be starting school again this semester so I have to work on getting registered and such.

This affects
Kajimoto and Davide
1st-Aug-2011 01:50 pm - log: Bunta & Ryoga
[yamapi] dorky
Who: Bunta & Ryoga
What: A usual morning for the two.
When: the 16th of July
Where: Ryoga and Bunta's apartment
Rating: G

Supershort random log~~Collapse )
5th-Jul-2011 01:28 pm - OOC Introduction
Hello everyone~ Lisa here, rp-ing Kirihara Akaya a.k.a Aka-chan by his fangirls (and fanboys) xD

Aka-chan is a 18 year old boy who rose to fame a decade ago. He is known for his awards in acting more than his singing. He only started his singing career few years ago and tries to balance both acting and singing.

To know more about him, please read his intro post here.

Nice to meet everyone!
4th-Jul-2011 06:54 pm - [ooc] intro: Davide
Izumi here bringing in Davide... We're both sure that everyone will just love all of his puns.... >>;; or not...

Anyway, he's 18 years old still living at home and works part-time at an animal shelter while attending university. He got into by basically being forced to study it due to him never being very good at it in school and it stuck, leading him to play the keyboard and bass guitar.

Anyway... his app is here...

Please add shabadabide 
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